Some common issues concerning the care and hygiene of pets.

+When should dogs have their first bath?

Generally speaking, bath should be strictly avoided during their first two months, and allowed only in specific conditions until the fifth month of dog's life.

At this age, puppies’ immune system is not yet fully developed and if they were not thoroughly dried with towels and hairdryer, they could catch a cold, which may compromise their health, at least temporarily.

In order to keep your four-legged friend clean avoiding cold, you can use PET BENEFIT DRY BATH KIT FOR THE COAT, which includes 1 pack of 12 dry towels and 1 bottle of SANITIZING MOUSSE WITH DERMOPROTECTIVE ACTION, specifically designed to cleanse the coat without water.

This innovative product is suitable for cleaning and sanitizing all types of fur, and it is also useful in itchy rashes.

Thanks to a particular soft tissue that ensures a pleasant massage, it can also be used for legs and intimate parts, while protecting the skin and making the coat soft and shiny. It ensures the hygiene of our little friends in their most sensitive periods or when it is not possible to use water, even for medical reasons, avoiding colds that would compromise their health.
+How and when to clean dog’s ears.

Dog’s ears should be cleaned on a weekly basis, apart from the bath.

Both the veterinarian and the owner can do it by using cleaning solutions and specific products.

Ear washing is particularly important for dogs with long ears, as their ear canal is almost closed, carries a high risk of infections, due to the creation of a warm and moist microenvironment.

For the ear canal, you must use exclusively specific products: after having sprayed it inside the canal, remove residues using a cotton gauze or cloth.

For the auricle, you need a cleaning product: apply it all over the surface and cleanse carefully.

Pet Benefit Line meets this specific need with a specific product: CLEANING WIPES PET BENEFIT for EAR HYGIENE, with solvent action and Natural pH formulation.

Pleasantly scented, they are suitable for removing secretions, dirt and impurities without causing discomfort or pain to you animal. They also act against bad smell caused by dirty ears and help preventing ear infection through proper hygiene.
+È Can I wash my dog after having applied flea control?

Any pesticide products applied to the skin need some time to spread, otherwise its effectiveness will decrease, lasting for a shorter period of time.

Bath should be avoided for 3-4 days after flea control treatment. On the other side, in order to allow flea control to work properly, the lipid layer that protects the skin must not have been removed, so you should apply flea control at least one week after the latest bath. During this period, it is possible to cleanse your dog with specific products, without water.

In these cases you can use the PET BENEFIT CLEANING WIPES FOR COAT. Thanks to its special formulation enriched with flax seeds and ginkgo extracts that have emollient properties, they are detangling polishing, and suitable for the daily care of all types of fur of cats and dogs.

They cleanse without foam and without rinsing, allowing faster and easier cleaning of your pet.
+How and why to brush cats and dogs’ fur.

In the coat of dogs as well as of long-haired cats, knots and tangles often form, and dust and dirt settle, consequently their coat needs to be brushed frequently to prevent unpleasant and annoying scratching. For dogs and cats with long fur, you need a wide-toothed comb, spaced about 2 mm, suitable for untying the knots without causing pain.

However, if brushing is not enough to untie knots, you should cut them by inserting the comb below each knot.

For dogs and cats with short hair, it is easier to use a bristle glove that polishes the outer coat, while removing the undercoat, leaving the coat soft and shiny.

If you need to clean, polish and massage your four-legged friends in an easy and quick way, then you can use the DISPOSABLE WET GLOVES PET BENEFIT, which cleanse without foam and without rinsing. The special fiber of the fabric allows to capture hair, dust and dirt, while providing a gentle massage to your pet. Moreover, its inner plastic protects the hands of those who take care of the pet.

Both sides of the glove can be used, providing a larger cleaning surface; just turn your hand inside the glove to use it more properly.