21 - 07 - 2013 [from: salute24.ilsole24ore.com/]

From dog to man: pesky insects.

Phlebotomus is not man’s best friend. Neither dog’s.
The problem arises when the tiny insect decides to place itself between dog and owner. Its bite can act as a "bridge" for leishmaniasis and its parasite, which is an unwelcome and dangerous guest for quadrupeds, and a guest hard to get rid of for humans.

However it is not impossible to defend against it.
Experts say that an effective vaccine against leishmaniasis does not exist yet. Prophylaxis, then, must begin externally. For instance, veterinarians suggest to use, inside and outside the house, a deltamethrin collar, which keeps the “vampire with wings” away by spreading the insecticide on animal skin.

Proper and regular hygiene of the coat helps preventing diseases.
Thorough cleaning is useful not only for the fur, but also to detect the presence of ectoparasites or skin lesions.